Take a few tips from @sloanmusic on how to perform at the top, even when you’re not in the band. 

It appears that lots of folks are searching for merch guy/girl gigs. Although I’m no expert on how to land one of these jobs, I would like to take a moment (from observing the inspiring SLOAN Crew, and countless uninspiring others) to tell you how to do it well, if you get the opportunity. 

1) Act just as excited to be there as the biggest fans! If you act like you don’t care about anything, well that kind of attitude is yucky and you won’t sell as much. Selling merch is not selling out, and the more a band sells the longer they can keep it up and you can keep your job. (FYI if you’re volunteering, your band probably really needs you to do the best you can. Make it so they can’t go on, or don’t want to go on without you!)  

2) Talk to people. If a business is busy, more people flock in that direction! These guys made conversation with folks, so there always appeared to be action at the table… which drew in more people! People left smiling. Fans weren’t awkwardly sliding away from the table as the merch girl didn’t say thank you and went back to “messing with her phone”, so to speak.    

3) At least smile and look inviting, or wear a hell of an outfit! Everyone was jealous and wanted these guys’ jackets… But, if they had walked around with scowls on their faces, nobody would give a hoot about their jackets - they would have just ignored them or thought about putting a boot mark on their snobby butts!

4) Just because you’re sitting behind a band’s records and t-shirts, doesn’t mean you’re cool. Also, just because you’re sitting behind the merch doesn’t mean you’re not cool. It just is what it is like anything else, so you can only give it meaning by being awesome, confident and helping other people feel good and have a good time.    

*Thanks again to everyone in the SLOAN camp for a fabulous night out. All inspiration for this post came from their Minneapolis show - 400 Bar - May 27, 2011. Here’s our merch purch below!

If you haven’t heard this band before, you may be remiss for missing out on the last 20 years! But, it’s not too late!! http://www.sloanmusic.com/

-Love Ash